Now, here be a Pirate’s Paradise!!
I be jawin’ ’bout ol’ old Foxy’s Tamarind Bar in Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke, British virgin Islands-aye, it be he who’s really to blame fer startin’ it all so many years ago. Nary a sandal ‘pon his feet yet me hears tell he’s chock-full o’ gold an’ pieces o’ eight! Fox indeed! Me reckons that ol’ Pirates got one more shot in his locker. Yer liable ter dredge up a Rum Runner, Ocean Runner an’ a Beach Bum er two in them thar waters.  Oh, but wait, there’s more-many a beach bar becons ye ter taste the Local Flavor-stops ye by one love an’ feel thee vibe o’ Calypso music!
Lads and lassies, relax now and keeps it Low-Key as ye be tradin’ a Doubloon or a Pirates Penny at the Soggy Dollar Bar, sippin’ a painkiller in the sands o’ White Bay, BVI, whar ye can lay back and jus’ be a Lion in da Sun. Come an’look lively now! Steps ye aboard fer an Island Adventure -a Sunshine Daydream!
Yer Perfect Day Charter, Aye, a Jost Boat Adventure!

Jost van Dyke 
Public $225 pp
Private $1200 (up to 6 Buccaneers)
More than 6 please inquire