After many a weary year of pillagin’,  plunderin’ an’ a fair bit o’ finanglin’ we not only kept our necks free of the gallows but taken ahold (right legitimate like I might add) of the Queen of the Islands, the fine Sailing Ship ‘GODDESS ATHENA’. Sailin’ like a Silent Lady, she be a sight to behold! 84 feet of swashbucklin’ sailin’!

Includes Continental Breakfast (fresh fruit plate and pastry), Deli Lunch
9:30am to 3:30pm
Public Sail $225 pp
Private Sail   $1200 (up to 6 guests)
*Over 6 guests, please inquire 

Classic line set off this sausy lass, an’ mere childs’ play to sail her-as many a child has indeed taken her helm! She be offered as the Family Fun Ship; ready for St. John Pyrate Adventures an’ yer modern Pirates Pleasure. Here we be providin’ free flowin’ grog, meanin’, an open bar (where the rum is NEVER gone)for the tall ones an’ sodie pop an’ water for whom it may well suit. O’ course they be grub on all Sailings, with on board luncheon included on full day sails in US waters. For the most part, cannons now be silent; mostly we be hearin’ the blast from a snorkel and a giggle or two. But ye never knows when a shot ‘cross a bow may be called for…

Includes Afternoon Snack (vegetable platter) and Sunset Hors d’oeuvres (meat and cheese plate)
1:00pm to 7:00pm
Public Sail $225 pp
Private Sail  $1200 (up to 6 guests)
*Over 6 guests, please inquire

We be aceptin’ guests aboard both private and public, our schedulin’ bein’ more flexible than a lawyers tongue. Dip yer toes in an’ enjoy snorkelin’ fit for royalty as ye breakaway from yer busy bee lifestyle an’ sinks yer molars into sheer tropical wonders. They be eagle rays, turtles, reef fishies of beauteous colors and coral enuff to set even ol’ Neptunes’ heart aflutter.


Includes Continental Breakfast (fresh fruit plate and pastry) or Afternoon Snack (vegetable platter)
9:30am to 12:30pm/1:30pm to 4:30pm/3:00pm-6:00pm
Public Sail $125 pp
Private Sail   $600 (up to 6 guests)
*Over 6 guests, please inquire

Shipmates, tis a sail safari where ye sea more of the Isles at a sailors pace, the quiet sea rockin’ ye like a baby. There be no stormy petrel in sight, nor some lone kiote howlin’  at thee moon, but p’haps a pirate girl to cater to yer whim. Aye, sailin’ be the Original Eco Tour in the Caribees an’ thisn’ St. John Yacht Charter be sure to tickle the fancy of the wildest Cimmaron amongst ye.

Sign on now an’ join a crew of wayward sailors an’ nauti nymphs who be cruisin’ away from that green shinin’ jewel St John on yer Arawak Expedition-a mixed bag o’ island spirit, island roots, an’ magic moments jus’ for the takin’. At latitude 18 yer to be samplin’ southern hospitality pirate style on yer St. John Daysail. Here be a chance fer sailin’on cloud 9 like a privateer on a rock hoppin’ day of virgin magic! Shake a leg now me Heartys: we sails with the Tide!