Come close and lend an ear Mateys! This here Spanish Main be the Lake o’ the Caribbees-and here ye find Treasure sure as the Morning Star rises in the east. Listen-these here Islands be a stretchin’ from Trinidad to the Florida Keys but smack dab in the middle be the US Virgin Islands. And right there on the chart there be lyin’ St. John, the Jewel of them all! St. John indeed, and home of the Virgin Islands National Park to boot! Here be many a beautiful beach and bay for agawkin’ and lingerin’ about!! Maho Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Trunk Bay, Hawksnest Bay, Caneel Bay, Honeymoon Bay-and that be but a snippet of ’em! Aye, and then ye got that fancy Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center. Here be they jawin’ ’bout past times when Cannons roared and these here bones were younger and sailing a Mighty Brig!

Treasures of yesteryear and a Treasure Trove of Adventure today on this here sparklin’ gem! She be offerin’ ye dinghy rentals, sailin’, stand up paddle boardin’, sailin’, kayakin’, sailin’, snorkelin’, sailin’, fishin’,  sailin’, hikin’, sailin’, and, did me say sailin’!? Not that I be aleanin’ one way or t’other on the matter…
Now, yer sees thar be no need to be atravelin’ a Long Distance now that ye be at yer Destination, St. John? Seekin’ New Horizons on the Big Blue? Off on some Windspree Adventure? Nay says I! Here be the Jewel says I! Treasure and Loot says ye! Aye shipmates,  Treasure indeed!
Above these sparklin’ waters lie the loveliest lot of rocks and keys this side o’ Heaven! Think on it now- Great St. James Island,  Little St. James Island, Lovango Cay, Congo Cay, Mingo Key, Thatch Cay (what be named for ol’ Blackbeard hisself) handin’ us the finest sailin’ to be had and all the while Little Birdies just aflutterin’ about free as, ah, well now… a bird.
Aye Mateys, this here be the Golden Ring!
To be fair, (an’ me gots to wonder why) I’ll speak a kindly word or two ’bout our British Cousins lyin’ to windward. Some of ye may have a hankerin’ fer furrin’ lands, and more travelin’and regulations enuff to choke a shark, still, if that be yer desire, well then, here be the lay of it.
Once upon a time…oh, that not be it atall.

Let me start anew.
Anegada, Virgin Gorda, the Fat Virgin (think on that now) where them big granite boulders come arisin’ out o’ the sea; Peter Island, Tortola, Salt an’ Dead Chest, and Norman Island-here a motley crew surely be found at thee Willy T, and nearby be Treasure Caves.
But wait now, me nearly fergets the darkest of the whole lot- Jost Van Dyke! Though me  admits a wee  bit o’ pride she be named after one o’ me Brothers of the Black Flag.
But avast there! We was yarnin’ ’bout Treasure when me mind come adrift.
Today, Treasure Chests are still to be found in these here dazzlin’ waters. No Laviathan or Kraken, nay, jes’ fishies and rays, sea turtles and starfish. All adartin’ here and there amongst the spectabulous coral reefs.  Mark me words, I’d a bein’ splashin’ about too ifn these ol’ bones would allow.
I be makin no bones about it- there be but one course to steer for any seadog what be worthy of his salt. Cast off yer lubberly flip flops and steps ye aboard a sailin’ ship an’ taste freedom and adventure!



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