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Sail into your storied pirate’s dream…

Let the Goddess Athena take you away from the landlubbers’ plight and onto a spectacular high seas voyage!
High above the waterline, on her steady deck of wooden planks, you’ll see the Caribbean like a pirate.
To uninhabited islands, in search of hidden treasures, without remorse!

Use the ol’ telephone and give us a hearty shout! (340) 277-3532

P.S. Argh! Don’t like ye’ website?! It’s under construction!

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  1. How do I book? Where are you? Caribbean is a big place

    What do you offer? How much?who what why where when and how

    • Hello RB, You are right, the Caribbean is vast. Like the internet of the seas … so much to explore and discover 🙂 T

  2. Captain RRRRR

    Still wonder if to are in st john . My family is coming and we want to play on your boat! Money no problem as we are a pirate family too!

    • We are still here, but winds are a changing.. When ar’ you coming so we can prepare for the boarding party? T

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